If You Could Give Your Kids One Gift, Make it a Good Vocabulary

bigwordclub-rhinoThe Word Gap is no small problem. Research indicates that by the time they are 4 years old, children from lower socioeconomic families may hear as many as 30 million fewer words than those from middle and upper income brackets. This translates to 400–700 fewer words in their vocabularies by the time they enter kindergarten. Vocabulary is the single best predictor of success in school and in life, and as E.D. Hirsch Jr. so elegantly stated in a recent article, “Simply put: knowing more words makes you smarter.”

“For over 20 years, we have known about the Word Gap,” said DeRolf. “But there’s a big difference between knowing about a problem and solving it. BIG WORD CLUB is about helping to solve the problem—in fun ways that kids love and that also works for busy teachers, parents and caregivers.”

“The premise of BIG WORD CLUB is really quite simple,” DeRolf adds. “Every day of the school year, in less than one minute a day, BIG WORD CLUB introduces students to a new “BIG” word in an animated video. The program takes those 5 words and reinforces their meaning throughout the week in an animated book, song, dance and video review, providing kids with a fully immersive multimodal approach to learning vocabulary. Kids love BIG WORD CLUB. And best of all, it works!”

Here are what educators have been saying about the program:

My kindergarten class is absolutely loving BIG WORD CLUB! They are using the words in conversation and we have started a BIG WORD CLUB wall to display all our new words! Thank you!!!

I LOVE Big Word Club! My preschool students love it, too! Parents and other teachers are amazed when my students explain what an Archaeopteryx is!

They are roaring with the dinosaurs! They begged me to let you know that they LOVED their first Big Word Club experience! Thank you for getting my first graders so excited about learning new words!

My first graders LOVE Big Word Club! It’s their favorite part of the day! We review earlier weeks’ songs during brain breaks for a win-win situation! They get to dance & move while I get to see what they’ve retained.